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Professor Jane Goudge

Professor Jane Goudge Professor Centre for Health Policy in the Wits School of Public Health and has been conducting research in the field of health systems and policy research for over 25 years. She has a PhD in development economics from London University. Key themes of her work include barriers to access to care, inequities in the financing of health care, strategies to improve universal coverage, and implementation of national health insurance in South Africa. She has developed a district learning site to support organizational change with district and facility managers.

Recent major themes in her work include the role of community health workers in bridging the gap between households and the health system, supporting the provision of integrated chronic care, community mental health systems, implementation of electronic health records, public financial management, strategic purchasing, and understanding how health organizations respond to austerity.  Her methodological approaches have included pragmatic RCT, intervention research with realist,s and other evaluations, supported by more qualitative approaches.  She has also established an evidence review service at the Centre.

Associate Professor Sumaya Mall

Associate Professor Sumaya Mall completed a Masters in Public Health at the University of Cape Town (UCT), a PhD at Stellenbosch University and post doctoral training in epidemiology at Columbia University in New York, United States of America. Her teaching areas include health and society, biostatistics, implementation science and epidemiology. She is currently a senior lecturer in the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Her research focal areas are nested within the fields of psychiatric and lifecourse epidemiology and the broad area of the social and biological determinants of mental illness.