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DFMPC and CHSE Professional Learning Series – AI, transforming the learning and teaching landscape.

When: Tuesday, 14 February 2023 - Thursday, 09 February 2023
Where: Online Event
Start time:16:00

A collaboration between the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care (DFMPC) and the Centre for Health Sciences Education (CHSE).

The Professional Learning Series is a structured faculty development programme held weekly online for 1 hour. Participation is encouraged by those Wits FHS faculty and joint appointees wishing to develop competencies related to teaching and learning.


Al is the new buzzword, however, it has been around for a while. Since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, Al has caught more mainstream attention, with people in every sector, This has created a furore about how Ai tools, like Chatbot GPT, will change every sphere of our lives with polarising opinions. Higher education is not left untouched as Al has major consequences for learning and teaching with questions around how this will affect learning, assessment, academic integrity, student support, research, curriculum design and quality assurance. The role of Higher Education is to deliver graduates with 21st century competencies that can contribute to work and make meaningful changes in society. Rather than vilify the technology or students for using it, we should embrace it and consider innovative ways in how this can transform our learning and teaching practices. This session is focused on how Al can transform
the learning and teaching landscape.

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We are currently busy planning this DFMPC and CHSE Professional Learning Series for next year. If you would like to suggest the themes and topics to include for 2023, please add your suggestions in the table on this document: DFMPC and CHSE Professional Learning Series.

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28th Wits Biennial Surgical Symposium

When: Monday, 26 June 2023 - Tuesday, 27 June 2023
Where: Off campus
The Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg
Start time:8:30

Visit for more information

Theme: Linking contextually appropriate surgical research to service delivery and innovation

In 2020 our Biennial Surgical symposium had to be rapidly pivoted into a fully virtual congress. We were one of the very first National and International academic meetings to go fully virtual. This decision was driven by our commitment to contribute to the ongoing education of surgeons, a responsibility we have cherished as the oldest Departmental based meeting in South Africa. We believe that the meeting delivered on this commitment. As an Academic Department of Surgery, we will continue this commitment to the community of surgeons and host the 28th Biennial Surgical Symposium on the 26th and 27th June 2023.

We are committed to developing research that will be appropriate to the South African setting and will advance the care of patients requiring surgery and improving access to surgical care. We believe that the 2023 Biennial Surgical Symposium is an ideal platform on which to highlight where we as a country have achieved this objective, but also where the gaps in our knowledge are, so that future research can focus on these questions. Our program will be clinically relevant and will be of value to all practicing surgeons to enhance their practice and care of the patients we all serve.

We welcome all interested in the care of the patient requiring a surgical solution to their medical conditions. I am sure that we will live up to the expectations of the surgical community in delivering a meeting of high quality and excellent clinical relevance.

Martin Smith

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